NSU Loft Rental

Students in some NSU residence halls can loft the bed to free up floor space for other uses. NSU Residence Life has a limited number of loft kits available for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis for $150.This nonrefundable deposit covers the use of the loft kit for one academic year.

Loft rental is available to any resident of Jerde, Kramer, Steele, or Briscoe halls.

A loft kit consists of two supporting end frames and one stabilizer bar.To construct a loft kit, attach the stabilizer bar to the end frames, then lift and place the bed on top. You also can adjust the bed frame height.

Lofts must not be constructed across an exit. NSU students are not allowed to build their own lofts.

Please submit the information below to secure your loft rental for the upcoming academic year.

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First Name:  
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Zip Code:  
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Residence Hall:  
Please choose one hall from the drop-down list. McWelsh hall cannot accommodate lofted beds.
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