NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY | BRAND GUIDE 3 THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY’S BRAND STYLE GUIDE. In higher education, it is critical for an institution to have a clearly defined identity, commonly referred to as a brand. In 2017, Northern’s Communications and Marketing team began the branding process by outlining, simplifying and harmonizing the marks used by our institution. Starting in 2019, after a campus-wide brand survey, Communications and Marketing began exploring the possibility of updating Northern’s institutional logo. Additionally, the campus survey showed a positive response to Northern’s updated tagline, which had been adopted in late 2017: The need to own our brand also became apparent, which led the university to explore and later receive trademarks for both the new institution mark and the widely known wolf head. Incorporating an “N” into the institution mark, used in various instances by NSU for decades, shows a united front that highlights a mark that is widely recognized by the community, region and state. Many institutions of higher education have merged academic and athletic branding over the years, including the University of Minnesota, The Ohio State University, University of Oklahoma and others. Another element of the mark includes “NORTHERN.” Since its founding in 1901, NSU has gone through four name changes, each of which have included Northern, making the term a steadfast element for more than a century. Our use of the word Northern was solidified by the brand survey, which showed a high percentage of participants simply referring to the institution as Northern. The path Communications and Marketing set out on in 2017 was a calculated endeavor. Not only did the institution need to come together as a unified brand, it also needed to better portray itself – as a bold institution that is proud of its origins and its long history of unleashing the potential of its students, faculty and staff. We feel combining our academic and athletic marks strengthens our brand and corresponds with our academic vision, laid out by Northern’s strategic action plan, a Campus of Distinction, at northern. edu/action. On behalf of the entire Enrollment, Communications and Marketing division, thank you for providing feedback along this long, yet strategic journey. We feel this document truly represents who we are and what Northern stands for. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, email me at Justin R. Fraase Vice President for Enrollment, Communications and Marketing Justin R. Fraase Vice President for Enrollment, Communications and Marketing