BRISCOE HALL Briscoe Hall is a traditional residence hall offering mainly double rooms. Restroom facilities are located in the center part of the hall with resident’s rooms coming off of the central hallway. There are a limited number of single rooms within the hall. The first and second floor of the hall house female residents and the third floor houses male residents. Below is a diagram of the standard room. All rooms are furnished as a double; single room only indicates occupancy. GREAT PLAINS EAST Great Plains East, one of our two newest halls on campus, will be opening in the fall of 2018. The hall, considered Pod Style, is comprised of 10 single sex pods throughout the building. A pod is comprised of either 7 or 8 double rooms centered around a community bathroom, a private bathroom and a small pod lounge (or living room). Single rooms are currently not available in Great Plains East. The typical double room is approximately 200 square feet (11’6” X 17’6”). Typical Pod with 8 Bedrooms in Great Plains East GREAT PLAINS WEST Great Plains West, our second new hall opening in the fall of 2018, will offer a variety of suites and semi-suites for our students. All suites and semi-suites are single sex. The difference between a suite and semi-suite is that a suite includes a living room space for all residents of the suite to share in addition to a separate toilet and shower room. Semi-suites do not offer a living room and provide the shower and toilet in a cross through space between the bedrooms. Below are diagrams of each separate arrangement: Great Plains West 4 Person/4 Bedroom Suite $2,950.00 Briscoe Hall Double Occupancy Bedroom $1,852.90 Briscoe Hall Single Occupancy Bedroom $2,356.95 Great Plains East Double Occupancy Bedroom $2,300.00 Great Plains West 2 Person/2Bedroom Semi-Suite $2,900 Great Plains West 4 Person/2 Bedroom Suite $2,800.00 Great Plains East 4 Person/2 Bedroom Semi-Suite $2,575.00