12 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 Director of Financial Aid- Becky Pribyl Dacotah Hall 103, 605-626-2640 Assistant Director of Financial Aid-Morgan Stadler Dacotah Hall 103, 605-626-2640 STUDENT AFFAIRS Student Affairs is comprised of the Avera Student Center, Avera Student Health, Campus Safety, Counseling Center, Dean of Students Office, Student Accessibility Services, Homecoming, Multicultural Student Affairs, New Student Programs (HOWL & Wolf Pack Welcome), Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Prevention Services, Residence Life and Dining Services, Student Government Association, Student Involvement and Leadership, Student Organizations, Summer Camps and Conferences, and Title IX. Student Affairs advances the student success agenda of Northern State University and the Student Affairs Strategic Action Plan (2021-2025). Dean of Students – Sean S. Blackburn Student Center 222, 605-626-3007 Campus Safety Officer – Officer Eric Paul Student Center 222, 605-380-8925 (cell) Counseling Center Director – Becky Kuch Student Center 222, 605-626-3007 Dining Services Director – Burt McAbee Graham Hall 2, 605-626-2928 Student Accessibility Services Assistant Director – Kelly Weismantel Student Center 222, 605-626-3007 Health Services– Anna Weisser Student Center 240, 605-626-7694 Student Rights and Responsibilities Director – Krista Bau Student Center 222, 605-626-3007 Residence Life Director – Marty Sabolo Student Center 222, 605-626-3007 Summer Camps and Conferences - Marty Sabolo Student Center 222, 605-626-3007 Student Government Association President – Dylan Eckart Student Center 208, dylan.eckart@wolves.northern.edu Student Engagement Assistant Director – Ashley Bruzek Student Center 222, 605-626-3007 Student Involvement and Leadership Director – Megan Frewaldt Student Center 222, 605-626-3007 Title IX Coordinator – Krista Bau Student Center 222, 605-626-3007