16 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 POSTAL SERVICES The NSU Post Office handles all mail for the university and is located in the lower level of the Student Center. It offers many services for sending letters and mail off campus also. Students should check their NSU e-mail for e-notices for their packages arriving at NSU. For more information, please contact 605-626-2656. CHANGE OF ADDRESS When a student has a change of address, they should notify the the Registrar’s Office. SCHEDULING OF UNIVERSITY EVENTS The following steps should be followed when an individual or group wishes to schedule an event or meeting using university facilities. 1. Reservations and rentals for all Northern State University facilities (excluding residence hall or dining services facilities) must be made through the online event scheduler. 2. Space is not considered reserved until it has been approved by the facility coordinator. 3. Once a space is approved through 25 Live, please contact the Building Manager to ensure that they are aware of the event and will be able to make any special arrangements. 4. The faculty advisor shall be present when a student group is using a university facility. 5. The Facilities Management Office is responsible for temporary parking permits and special parking arrangements. UNIVERSITY AFFILIATED USE Regularly contracted staff members, faculty or administrative groups, full-time students, student groups, or university affiliated groups may use university facilities on campus without charge for events that are a part of the university program or are sponsored by the university when these are scheduled according to university procedures. Outside organizations that co-sponsor an on-campus event may do so without charge for facility use providing: 1. The event is scheduled according to established procedures. 2. The event is of benefit to the campus organization or students in general. 3. Students may attend the event free of charge or at a reduced rate. 4. The event is not in conflict with current programs on campus. Where extra service (hauling, custodial, etc.) is required, the organization or person sponsoring the event will be required to pay for such service at a rate to be determined by the Director for Facilities Management.