19 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 • Animals must be under the control of the user at all times. • Animals must be clean, groomed, and free of ticks or other pests. Cleaning of animals, bedding, cages, etc., in university facilities is prohibited. • Animals are to relieve themselves in designated locations only. • The animal user is responsible for promptly cleaning up after the animal. All waste must be double bagged and disposed of in dumpsters and/or trash cans located on the exterior of campus buildings. • The animal user is responsible for any property damage caused by the animal. • Service animals may be prohibited from areas that may be hazardous to the animal or its owner (mechanical equipment rooms, etc.) • To assist the campus population in recognizing a service animal, it is highly encouraged that the service animal be identified by a marked harness or cape but not required. • The animal must not be disruptive to others in the residence hall. • Assistance animals are allowed to accompany persons with disabilities in residence halls only and in designated areas where they relieve themselves. Failure to comply with the stated expectations may result in the loss of housing privileges and forfeiture of housing charges. Please refer to Residence Life policies for more specific information. Information for University Visitors and Guests Guests of residents of university housing who wish to bring an assistance animal into university housing overnight must contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services at least four (4) weeks in advance to provide the dates of the visit, the type and breed of assistance animal, to attest that the assistance animal is up to date with vaccinations and to comply with the requirements set forth in these guidelines. PETS Students are not permitted to have pets in residence halls except for fish in aquariums. Aquarium size is limited to one 10 gallon tank per room/suite. CAMPUS ALERT SYSTEM NSU has emergency guidelines and operating procedures in place for a wide variety of possible emergency situations. Individuals should become familiar with emergency response procedures on the emergency information website in order to have a plan and know what to do before, during and after an emergency. Northern State University has implemented a Campus Alert Notification System, known as Everbridge, for students, faculty, and staff. This service allows NSU to deliver emergency alerts through a text, call or email. Students, faculty, and staff receive Campus Alert registration instructions via an email to their NSU email account. Once registered, notification settings can be modified by logging in to the Campus Alert System. Register at northern.edu/report. TRANSCRIPTS A official transcript of record (grades) will be sent on written request to a college registrar, public school superintendent, or other employing officer. Transcripts cost $9.00 for each copy. Requests for transcripts should be made to the Registrar’s Office, 103 Dacotah Hall or online via instructions on our website: https://www.northern.edu/academics/records-registration/transcripts-anddiplomas