21 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 Undergraduate The recommended student load is 15 semester hours with a maximum of 18 semester hours. Students with a grade point average above 2.70 may enroll for a maximum of 19 semester hours. For summer sessions, the recommended student load is 5 semester hours for each 5-week summer session with a maximum of 7 credit hours. Any combined summer enrollment above 18 total credits is considered to be an overload and requires permission of the advisor and appropriate academic administrator. For financial aid eligibility, athletic eligibility, deferments and enrollment verification, full-time undergraduate enrollment is 12 semester hours; three-quarter enrollment is 9 to 11.5 semester hours; and half-time enrollment is 6 to 8.5 semester hours. All enrollments for interim and summer sessions are combined when determining enrollment status for summer school. Graduate The recommended graduate student load is 9 semester hours. Students may exceed 9 hours with permission of the Director of Graduate Studies. For financial aid eligibility, deferments and enrollment verification purposes, full-time graduate enrollment is 9 semester hours; three-quarter enrollment is 7 to 8 semester hours; and half-time is 5 to 6 semester hours. All enrollments for interim and summer sessions are combined when determining enrollment status for summer school. The maximum for summer is 6 credits per session; 7 for Counseling Graduate Plan of Study. ACADEMIC PROBATION AND SUSPENSION Probation Students will be placed on academic probation at the end of a term (including summer) in Which the student’s cumulative grade point average falls below the minimum progression standard based on class level: Class Credit Hour Range GPA Standard Freshman 0-29.99 1.8 Sophomore 30-59.99 1.8 Junior 60-89.99 2.0 Senior 90+ 2.0 Students enrolling in the Regental system for the first time with prior credit, including internal and external transfer students and dual credit students, shall not be placed on probation by their designated home institution until they have been enrolled at a Regental university for one (1) academic term. Re-entry transfers who left Northern on academic probation and return at a later time with a good academic record from another accredited institution will no longer be on probation. Students will remain on probation until their cumulative GPA reaches the standard. Suspension A student on academic probation who fails to maintain a term grade point average that meets or exceeds the GPA standard required for his/her class level is placed on academic suspension for a minimum of two academic terms (including summer). A student on academic suspension will not be allowed to enroll for any coursework at any Regental university except when an appeal has been approved by the Regental university from which the student is pursuing a degree. An approved appeal granted by one Regental university will be honored by all Regental universities.