26 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 tainted by prejudiced or capricious consideration of student opinions or conduct unrelated to academic standards. These procedures shall prohibit retaliation against persons who initiate appeals or who participate in the review of appeals. C. Students are responsible for maintaining standards of academic performance established for each course in which they are enrolled. CLASS ATTENDANCE Each faculty member develops a policy on class attendance. The instructor’s attendance policy must be in writing and copies must be distributed to students within the first week of each course. The instructor should include policies regarding make-up work and the relationship of attendance to grading. When a student participates in a university activity requiring absence from class, the Vice President for Academic Affairs shall, upon request of the sponsoring faculty, notify professors that the student should be permitted to make up work missed during the absence. COURSE ADDS Classes can be added to a student’s schedule any time before the start of the semester, and with the instructor’s permission through the census date of the semester or class (first 10% of class days). Extra class activities and individual studies should be added as soon as possible, but may be added until 70% of the semester has passed. COURSE DROPS Courses dropped through the census date of the semester or class (the first 10% of class days) cancel registration. The instructor is not required to approve the withdrawal. No record of enrollment will appear on your transcript. Tuition and fee charges will be removed. From this date (Census Date) until 70% of the semester or class has passed, the student will receive a grade of ‘WD’. The instructor’s permission is not required, and grade rosters will reflect the withdrawal. A grade of ‘WD’ will not affect the student’s grade-point average. Students are allowed six “WD’ grades. Additional drops will be assigned ‘WFL’ grades, which count as an ‘F’ (undergraduate level only). A grade of ‘W’ can be replaced by the grade of ‘F’, however, if an ‘F’ is assigned by the instructor because of academic misconduct, the ‘F’ grade given for cheating will override the student’s timely withdrawal from a class. DECLARING A MAJOR OR MINOR All students are required to select a curriculum and a major. Minor programs are optional, but recommended. The SDBOR student record system is Self Service Banner. A program worksheet/ evaluation will be available in Degree Works. The program worksheet details the student’s requirements for graduation. If a student wishes to declare an additional major or minor, or change a previously declared major or minor, a new, signed program approval form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The form is available from advisors. ATTENDANCE CONFIRMATION All students are required to complete the “Attendance Confirmation” online through SSB on the Finance link. Financial Aid refunds will not be processed until confirmation is completed. “Attendance Confirmation” is open approximately three weeks before the start of each term and