42 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 3. Presence in any area on campus where alcoholic beverages are being consumed or alcoholic beverage containers are present. 4. Violation of federal, state or local law on institutional premises or at institutionally sponsored or supervised activities. Furthermore, Northern State University also prohibits the following: 1. Alcoholic beverages at any student sponsored activity or event whether on or off campus. 2. The manufacture, possession, use or dispensing of marijuana or illegal controlled substances at organizational functions. 3. The expenditure of organizational funds on alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal controlled substances. 4. The informal collection from the members or residents of monies to be spent on alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal controlled substances. Off-campus Activities Policy Any individual or group of individuals whose participation in an off-campus activity is in some manner being subsidized by Northern State University is expected to, at a minimum, act in accordance with any and all local, state, and county laws and ordinances during the duration of the event, including travel time. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken, which may include, but not be limited to, the placement of a Letter of Censure into the student’s file and participation in Northern State University’s Insight class. Sanctions Individuals violating any university policy, including those mentioned above, may be subject to sanctions as described in the South Dakota Board of Regents Student Code of Conduct 3:4. All alcohol violations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Students who receive a first time violation may be required to participate in an alcohol educational program. Educational programming is designed to help students make better choices regarding personal health and safety, academic success, and campus policy implications. In light of the changes in the Higher Education Amendments passed by Congress, Northern State University will contact a student’s parents if he or she is under 21 years of age. Northern State University provides the Insight Program for alcohol and other drug related incidents. Insight Level I - A class that may be required of all students on their first violation of the alcohol and other drug policy. Insight consists of an eight (8) hour class offered once a month. The class gives the student an opportunity to address the issue of alcohol and other drug use, its negative consequences and whether further assistance is needed. A student is required to follow any recommendations of the class facilitators which arise from the class session(s). Insight Level II - Participation may be required upon the student’s second violation of the alcohol and other drug policy. The purpose of Insight Level II is to help students make wiser choices and support them in following the laws and regulations concerning alcohol both on and off campus. A student is required to follow any recommendations of the program facilitators which arise from the program sessions. Exit from the program is determined by the facilitator(s).