70 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 2.1.4. Forging, fabricating, altering, misrepresenting, or misusing any document, record, or identification, including misrepresentations of degrees awarded or honors received. 2.1.5. Tampering with the election of any organization. 2.1.6. Claiming to represent, or act on behalf of, the institution when not authorized to do so. 2.2. Disruption, Obstruction, or Interference with Institutional Activities 2.2.1. Disrupting or obstructing institutional activities. 2.2.2. Classroom disruption, which is behavior that a reasonable person would view as significantly or repeatedly interfering with the instructor’s ability to teach the class or the ability of other students to benefit from the instructional program. 2.2.3. Failure to comply with directions of institutional, law enforcement, fire department, public safety contractors, or other government officials acting in performance of their duties and/or failure to identify oneself to these persons when requested to do so. 2.2.4. Obstruction of the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 2.2.5. Abuse of the student conduct process, which includes, but is not limited to, any of the following: • Falsifying, distorting, or misrepresenting information provided; • Making false allegations; • Attempting to discourage an individual’s proper participation in, or use of, the Student conduct process; • Harassment (verbal or physical) or intimidation of any person participating in the Student conduct process; • Failure to comply with any conduct sanctions imposed pursuant to this Student Code. 2.3. Misuse of Institutional Resources or Property, or Personal Property of Others 2.3.1. Tampering with fire and life safety equipment including, without limitation, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, first aid equipment, and laboratory safety apparatus. 2.3.2. Unauthorized taking of, damage to, or possession of property belonging to the Institution, another member of the institutional community, or another person. 2.3.3. Unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of keys, access cards, or access codes to any institutional premises. 2.3.4. Unauthorized entry into, or use of, institutional premises. 2.3.5. Unauthorized possession, entry into, or use of institutional equipment, software systems, or information. 2.3.6. Possession of firearms, stun guns, tasers, BB guns, switchblade knives, fixed- blade knives with a blade length of five (5) inches or greater, or any item that is designed or used to injure or harm another person, fireworks, explosives, or dangerous chemicals on institutional premises or at institutional events, except as explicitly permitted by a Board Policy or an Institutional Policy; 2.3.7. Unauthorized use or abuse of technology, including, but not limited to: • Unauthorized entry into a file or program to use, copy, read, delete, or change the contents, or for any other purpose; • Unauthorized transfer of a file;