87 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 The Executive Director will have fifteen (15) working days within which to attempt, at his or her discretion, a resolution through informal means. If no informal resolution has been effected within the fifteen (15) working days, the Executive Director will refer the matter to a hearing examiner for reconsideration pursuant to SDCL § 1-26 using the contested case proceedings. At the conclusion of the contested case proceedings, the hearing examiner will provide a recommendation to the Executive Director for the disposition of the matter by the Board. Contested case proceedings may be conducted under protective orders entered pursuant to SDCL §§ 1-26-19 and 15- 6-26(c). The Board may return the matter to the President, Senior Student Affairs Officer, or hearing panel for reconsideration or to the Title IX/EEO Coordinator for additional investigation, in light of the written decision. SOURCE: BOR February 1969; RR, 12:06, 1977; BOR 1980; BOR April 1987; BOR June 1990; BOR December 1994; BOR October 1996; BOR December 1999; BOR March 2006; BOR December 2006; BOR August 2009; BOR August 2011; BOR December 2013; BOR June 2014; BOR August 2015; BOR May 2016; BOR August 2016; BOR December 2017; BOR December 2018; September 2019 (Clerical); BOR August 2020.