90 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 1. In the case of unemancipated students under the age of 18, the university will notify the students’ custodial parents or legal guardians. D. The university will determine whether circumstances suggest that others living, working or participating in activities at the university may be in danger, and if it determines that such a danger may exist, it will warn the campus. 3. Publication of this Policy A. Each university will publish this policy electronically through websites designed to convey emergency or law enforcement information; will incorporate its provisions into student handbooks, resident life or similar publications; and will otherwise assure that students know, or should know, of its provisions. 4. Students’ Option to Identify Persons to Be Informed. A. At the time that a student is accepted as a resident in university controlled housing, the student will be given an opportunity to designate an individual to be notified pursuant to this policy in the event that the student becomes missing. 1. Students will be provided confidential means to designate such individuals and to update their designations. 2. Such contact information will be held as a confidential student record. B. Unemancipated students under the age of eighteen will be informed that, in the event that they become missing, the university will notify a custodial parent or legal guardian pursuant to this policy. Source: BOR, August 2009.