1 2 | NORTHERN STATE UN I VERS I TY The Northern State University School of Fine Arts is committed to developing both the personal and creative expression of every student, as well as providing the highest quality professional instruction in the arts. You have an exciting opportunity to support the outstanding work of our faculty and students by joining the Friends of the Arts/NSU. By becoming a member, you a rm the value of the arts as a vital and integral part of our lives, and further strengthen NSU’s presence as an arts leader. B E A Friend O F T H E A R T S / N S U Your support ensures that our students will more fully realize their potential for future careers in the arts by enhancing the quality of arts education o ered at NSU. Additionally, your donation supports the broad array of fine arts performances and events that benefit our community and region. Your membership entitles you to a number of attractive benefits and privileges, including complimentary tickets to a host of season events, invitation-only receptions for selected concerts and special events, recognition in printed programs, and more. Become a member today by visiting, or by filling out the membership form on the enclosed addressed envelope and returning it with a check payable to “Northern State University Foundation.” You may also scan this QR code to sign up online. If you have further questions, please call 605-626-2550.