A STRATEGIC PLAN An Action Plan Prepared by the Faculty and Staff College of Arts and Sciences | Northern State University Two-Year Blueprint for Strategic Doing Sept. 2021 – Sept. 2023

INTRODUCTION The College of Arts and Sciences (College) is the largest academic unit at Northern State University, accounting for nearly one-third of all faculty and students. The College is composed of three Departments housing some of the largest and fastest growing programs on campus spanning the Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Sciences, and Social Sciences, as well as providing the bulk of general education, freshmen seminar, and high school dual credit offerings. The College also makes major contributions in research, external grants, outreach, and community engagement. In 2018, the College shifted toward a more deliberative and formal process for long-term planning and implementation based on the model of “Strategic Doing,” which is better suited to meet the opportunities and challenges over the coming decade marked by significant demographic change, shifting demands in the workforce, and an evolving financial model for higher education. After soliciting feedback from multiple stakeholders during spring 2019, the College adopted a new mission, vision, and values statement and structure for strategic planning and implementation from September 2019 to September 2021. The College’s blueprint for this action plan spans and unites four Pillars of Distinction – Teaching, Research and Scholarship, Engagement, and Administration and Assessment – supported by specific pedagogical, curricular, staffing, professional development, and administrative initiatives. This document outlines that blueprint; including Mission, Vision, and Values; Structure; and Pillars and Initiatives. This document provides a general blueprint that will be assessed on a regular basis to reflect changing opportunities and circumstances. As a College, we reconvened to discuss and adapt the current action items, creating a new list of action items to implement during September 2021 to September 2023 and move the College forward strategically into the future. MISSION To provide students with challenging educational experiences grounded in the liberal arts and natural sciences that develop the capacity to make an impact as critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, and creators. VISION To become a community of teacher-scholars dedicated to quality student-centered education, scholarship, and service that fosters professional, personal, and civic success. VALUES Integrity, Excellence, Community, Leadership Teaching Subcommittee Goal: To promote practical solutions to common teaching problems. Members: Stacy Trentham (Chair), Kristi Brownfield, Liz Sills, and Art Marmorstein Research Subcommittee Goal: To support and stimulate scholarship. Members: Ginny Lewis (Chair), Nuurranti (Bobby) Jalli, Eric Pulis, and Chris Near Engagement Subcommittee Goal: To improve engagement among College faculty and students, the larger Northern campus, and various external constituencies. Members: Peter Ramey (Chair), Rhonda Carda, Lysbeth Benkert-Rasmussen, Guangwei Ding, Ben Harley, and Jessica Ness Departments English, Communication, and Global Languages History and Social Sciences Science and Mathematics STRUCTURE Reporting to the Dean, the Core Team serves as a coordinating body for innovative, cross-cutting, interdisciplinary initiatives applicable across the College. The Core Team supervises thematic Teams with a similar charge focused on Teaching, Research and Scholarship, and Engagement. The Departments are responsible for strategic planning and implementation within their designated disciplines and interdisciplinary initiatives. Core Team Goal: To cultivate a culture of collaboration, improvement, and reflection. Members: Alyssa Kiesow (Co-Chair), Ginny Lewis (Co-Chair), Rhonda Carda, Jessica Ness, Erin Brownlee, Jodie Ramsay, Steven Usitalo, Elizabeth Haller, John Long, Stacy Trentham, Peter Ramey, Emily Meier, and Kennedy Davis

PILLARS and INITIATIVES TEACHING Initiatives • Create a New Faculty Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Begin Fall 2021: Dean, Chairs, Core Committee, Teaching Subcommittee • Write a proposal for faculty financial support from the college for discipline specific teaching conferences. Continue Fall 2021: Dean, Chairs, Teaching Subcommittee • Participate in Noon Forum – Conduct informal faculty chit-chat about teaching. Begin Fall 2021: Chairs, Core Committee, Teaching Subcommittee CAS Faculty • Promote High-Impact Educational Practices associated with the AACU. Continue Fall 2021: Core Committee, Teaching Subcommittee, Departments RESEARCH AND SCHOLARSHIP Initiatives • Increase the visibility of faculty and student research through digital displays, newsletters, press releases, and other media. Continue Fall 2021: Dean, Research Subcommittee • Review curriculum/degrees with impactful senior research/scholarship activities to determine what courses/activities make these impactful. Work with advisors to promote courses/activities related to research/scholarship. Begin Fall 2021: Dean, Core Committee, Research Subcommittee, Departments, Advisors • Conduct a feasibility study to determine whether all degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences should implement/incorporate research/ scholarship into the degree. Provide suggestions to the curriculum committee (see Administration and Assessment). Begin Fall 2021: Research Subcommittee, Chairs, Departments, Advisors • Support opportunities to increase research productivity, such as the College of Arts and Sciences Research Award. Continue to allow two awards each academic year. Continue Fall 2021: Dean, Chairs ENGAGEMENT Initiatives • Develop and Implement campus-wide activity to engage students, faculty, staff, and the community-at-large, e.g., “Wolves on the Green” croquet event, where the College of Arts and Sciences plans and sponsors such an event. Begin Fall 2021: Dean, Engagement Subcommittee, Chairs, Departments, Advisors • Implement College of Arts and Sciences faculty, staff and student social, e.g., ice cream social during “I Hate Winter” festivities. Begin Fall 2021: Dean, Engagement Subcommittee, Chairs, Departments, Advisors • Establish Center for Excellence in Science Education and Research. Begin Fall 2021: Chair of Science and Math, Science Faculty • Work with study abroad, career services, and other student support services to prepare students for success after graduation with an emphasis on opportunities for internships, service learning, international learning opportunities, and graduate school. Continue Fall 2021: Dean, Engagement Subcommittee, Chairs, Departments ADMINISTRATION AND ASSESSMENT Initiatives • Build three committees to oversee activities to build the College. Market said efforts. Such committees include: Summer Programming, Curriculum, and Recruitment-Marketing. Committees will report efforts throughout each academic year. Begin Fall 2021: Dean, Associate Dean, Chairs, Departments • Continue to provide informal opportunities for faculty and staff to communicate, e.g., bimonthly coffee chats and semimonthly emails. Continue Fall 2021: Dean • Supervise strategic planning efforts in alignment with the College and university mission, vision, and values, including regular reporting to the College and other constituencies. Continue Fall 2021: Dean, Core Committee • Review staffing across the College to ensure alignment with curricular development, with initial emphases on Chemistry and Criminal Justice. Continue Fall 2021: Dean, Associate Dean, Chairs, Departments • Continue to support College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Faculty Award. Continue Fall 2021: Dean, Associate Dean, Chairs • Continue to strengthen alumni and donor relationships in partnership with the university Foundation. Continue Fall 2021: Dean, Associate Dean, Chairs • Continue annual, general education, and program-level assessment efforts, using/refining College process where necessary. Continue Fall 2021: Dean, Associate Dean, Chairs, Departments

U N L E A S H P O T E N T I A L J O I N T H E PA C K Two-Year Blueprint for Strategic Doing Sept. 2021 – Sept. 2023