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Have you ever applied for admission to another graduate school?
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Part C: Occupational Data
Have you gained certification by completing a teacher education program?

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Part D: Professional Objective
How did you learn about Northern?
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Application Agreement: I hereby certify that the information on this application is accurate in every respect and I understand that any intentional misrepresentation may be cause for revocation of admission. I also certify that I will inform the Office of Graduate Studies of any change in the above record which occurs between now and the opening date of the term for which I am applying. I agree to comply with the regulations and requirements of Northern State University and to cooperate with the authorities and any fellow students to maintain high standards of conduct and scholarship. It is understood that I accept registration as a student at Northern State University subject to the above provisions. Enrollment in classes offered through extension is open to all qualified students without official admission to the university or a college program, but enrollment by this method does not constitute admission.
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Reminder: PROVIDE 2 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (3 IF APPLYING FOR A GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP). REQUEST ONE OFFICIAL COPY OF YOUR TRANSCRIPT TO BE SENT TO THE OFFICE OF GRADUATE STUDIES. A $35.00 NON-REFUNDABLE MATRICULATION FEE MUST BE PAID BEFORE ADMISSION CAN BE CONSIDERED. Please return to the Office of Graduate Studies, NSU, 1200 S Jay Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401. Northern State University is an equal opportunity institution. The policy of Northern State University is to provide equal opportunities for employment, admissions, and services to all individuals. Contact the affirmative action office on campus in the Administration Building, Room 213. Phone 605-626-2520.
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