NSU’s employees, suppliers, and related constituencies contribute to the local and statewide tax bases. In FY 19, the university contributed an estimated $6.8 million ($4.3 million direct and $2.5 million indirect and induced) through local spending (operational, capital, students, and visitors) as well as direct and indirect support of jobs. At the state and local levels, NSU contributes to the tax bases through its purchasing. Specific taxes include employee and employer contributions to state and local social-insurance funds, sales and use taxes, personal property taxes, taxes paid on motor-vehicle licenses, and payments of fines and fees. Generating Local and State Tax Revenues Northern State University State and Local Tax Impacts (FY 19) $826,751 $198,376 $303,101 $1,328,228 Source: Parker Philips using IMPLAN with data from SDBOR and SDSU DIRECT INDIRECT INDUCED TOTAL $949,130 $227,853 $348,208 $1,525,191 $378,325 $90,478 $138,070 $606,873 $2,098,279 $501,862 $759,060 $3,359,201 $4,252,485 $1,018,569 $1,548,439 $6,819,493 SUB COUNTY GENERAL SUB COUNTY SPECIAL DISTRICTS COUNTY STATE TOTAL 11