Over the past 10 years, the Aberdeen community has contributed about $150 million to NSU. That’s a stunning amount of money from any city — particularly from one with a population of less than 30,000. It is tangible evidence that Aberdeen connects its future with the success of NSU. State Senator Casey Crabtree attended NSU in the early 2000s and has first-hand knowledge of NSU’s uniquely important relationship with Aberdeen and the entire northern region of South Dakota. “Walking around the NSU campus, you can really see what private investment has done for the university. It all came from people who really cared enough to make a difference in their community,” said Senator Crabtree. The $150 million NSU has received in local investments has gone a long way toward strengthening NSU’s educational offerings and expanding opportunities for local residents to take advantage of the University’s rich array of extracurricular offerings. From 2013 to 2021, local contributions have contributed to student scholarships, supported the construction of the Jewett Regional Science Education Center, and provided enhancements to the Regional Sports Complex and athletic fields and facilities. Local dollars also contributed to the renovation of the Johnson Fine Arts Center — a facility that annually hosts more than 65 concerts, theater performances, and community events and welcomes more than 7,600 guests per year. 12 Case Study: COMMUNITY RESOURCES ARE A TANGIBLE VOTE OF CONFIDENCE IN NSU “The university is incredibly important not only to the Aberdeen community but to the whole region. It’s our No. 1 tool to not only attract new workforce from other states, but to develop our own workforce right here in South Dakota. That’s why folks in Aberdeen are investing in NSU. When students have a great experience at NSU, they’ll stay and continue to be part of the workforce and carry on the legacy of Northern.” Casey Crabtree, South Dakota State Senator