Charitable Giving and Volunteer Impact of NSU Staff and Faculty Charitable Giving $182,709 Student Charitable Giving $127,656 Total Charitable Giving $310,365 Staff and Faculty Volunteerism Hours 4,932 Student Volunteerism Hours 47,909 Total Volunteerism Hours 52,841 Value of Staff and Faculty Volunteerism Hours $116,189 Value of Student Volunteerism Hours $1,128,747 Total Value of Volunteerism $1,244,936 Grand Total Charitable Giving and Volunteerism $1,555,301 Northern State University is a cornerstone of the Aberdeen community. Supporting more than 1,000 direct employees, NSU is one of the top 10 employers in the community. Generating $180 million in economic impact in 2019 for the state, Northern is a leader not just locally but regionally. Its impact is felt both economically and culturally. NSU brings people together for musical performances and Wolves games — everyone from students to the local community shows up for NSU. Northern’s passion and spirit shines through in their mentorship of the students coming to campus to pursue their dreams. Attending Northern means becoming part of a broader community and many students settle in the miles surrounding it after graduation. Northern is an integral part of South Dakota’s system of public higher education, ensuring that students get the education and skills they need to succeed. Over the course of 50 years, NSU has developed a strong relationship with the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SDSBVI) and has become a strong advocate for students with vision loss in South Dakota and around the country by supporting educators as they teach the visually impaired. NSU students support the SDSBVI by assisting as student teachers and by volunteering to help in classes. SDSBVI students also use the NSU campus for mobility training. With the construction of a new building for SDSBVI, Northern continues to be a resource for the school. Through its work with SDSBVI to advance the education of visually impaired students as well as the training for teachers, NSU supports its local community and the state of South Dakota. Pack Gives Back is a day for the students at Northern to give back to Aberdeen. In 2018, over 50 staff and students donated their time in the Aberdeen Senior Center, Aberdeen Family YMCA, and the Boys and Girls Club. Northern’s sports camps hosted almost 3,600 local kids for sports tournaments and camps over the 2020–2021 year. Average annual attendance at the Johnson Fine Arts Center is more than 7,600. Conclusion 16