Founded in 1901 as the Northern Normal and Industrial School, Northern State was originally a teaching college for the growing population of South Dakota. After several name changes, Northern State University became official in 1989. Currently, NSU has five schools housing more than 60 programs. Students can hone their knowledge and passion with opportunities that range from student teaching at the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired to interning with a local business. The Northern Wolves have 15 NCAA Division II teams across men’s and women’s sports. The teams are quite popular with students and the community — especially the basketball teams that play to packed houses at Wachs Arena, where the NSU Wolves have set a record 13 years in a row for attendance at Division II games. Two-thirds of Northern graduates stay in the state — many stay in the Aberdeen area — and evolve into enthusiastic alumni. Interns also become employees, and many of the major companies in the area employ Northern graduates — including Dacotah Bank, which reports that 46% of its executives are Northern graduates. The community built by and around Northern knows how important the university is and how these graduates keep Aberdeen moving and competitive across South Dakota and beyond. Northern State University Mission Northern State University will provide diverse academic, civic, social, and cultural opportunities that prepare students through the liberal arts, professional education, and E-learning for their future endeavors, while also enriching the local and regional community. 5