37 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 • Krikac Administration Building-1 • Dakota Hall-5 • Spafford Hall-3 • Residence Halls-29 SOLICITATION/FUNDRAISING ON CAMPUS I. General Guidelines A. Organizations wishing to sell or solicit on campus must secure permission through the completion of the Solicitation form available in the Student Center, Room 222. B. Sales by individuals solely for their personal gain will not be approved. C. Items may not be sold or solicited in classrooms, the Johnson Fine Arts Center, or the Library, nor may items be sold or solicited door-to-door in any campus building. D. No sale or solicitation may impede vehicular traffic on any roadway, nor impede pedestrian traffic on any walkway or access to/from any building. E. It is the responsibility of the organization authorized under this policy to clean the area surrounding the point of sale or solicitation. This must be done with sufficient frequency to avoid the accumulation of litter. F. An area within the main lobby of a residence hall may be designated for use by an organization wishing to sell or solicit. The organization must secure approval from the Director of Residence Life and notify the Hall Director or Resident Assistant upon entering the residence hall. G. Lotteries and raffles must follow South Dakota State Statutes 22-25-23 through 22-25-26. Copies of these statutes and the NSU Lottery & Raffle Policy are available in the Student Affairs Office, Student Center, Room 222. H. Failure to comply with any regulation contained within this policy shall constitute grounds for Northern State University to withdraw its permission to the organization for any further sale or solicitation on campus. NSU also reserves the right to refuse permission when such sale or solicitation is, in its view, inappropriate or not in its best interest. II. Approval for On-Campus Organizations & Departments On-Campus: A. Any officially recognized Northern State University student organization may sell or solicit items that pertain to the activities of the group at any authorized distribution center within the restrictions of this policy and with appropriate approval. B. All sale and solicitation efforts must be approved in advance. Solicitation Request Forms are available in the Student Center, Room 222. The completed form must be returned at least two (2) weeks in advance of the sale or solicitation. Both the organization advisor and the Director of Student Involvement and Leadership. C. If the solicitation involves businesses or individuals outside of the university, the NSU Foundation and Vice President for Finance & Administration must also approve. D. If the sale involves food items, the Dining Services Director must also approve. E. If the sale involves clothing or merchandise, the Bookstore Manager must also approve. Off-Campus: A. All fundraising and solicitation efforts by student organizations that occur off-campus must be approved by the organization advisor, the NSU Foundation Executive Director, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, and the Director of Student Involvement and Leadership.