36 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 3. All notices must contain correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 4. Only one (1) poster per event may be posted on a board and the size of posters and other materials shall not exceed 11” x 17”. 5. Notices will not be posted on any surface that could be damaged or leave residue from adhesive or any other method used in posting: windows, doors, stair steps, hand railings, in or on elevators, vending machines, trees, water fountains, exterior building surfaces, vehicles, or painted walls/surfaces. 6. Unauthorized postings may result in an individual or group being billed for damages and labor for repairs. 7. Only official Northern State University notifications will be the exception to the posting locations. 8. Posted notices must be removed by the sponsor group or individual within 24 hours after the event has taken place (except on weekends). Notices may be posted for a maximum of four (4) weeks prior to the event. In the case of material without specific dates, posting approval shall be granted for up to four (4) weeks from the date of approval. 9. Information on notices must be expressed clearly and, if in non-English, must also include English translation. 10. Notices of alcohol or drug-related events are prohibited. 11. Notices that include obscenities or libelous material are prohibited. 12. A notice promoting an event that is unlawful or violates Northern State University regulations may not be posted. 13. Notices advertising off-campus housing are prohibited. 14. Use of any bulletin board or authorized space in any building on campus does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of any product, service or information by Northern State University. 15. Posted materials are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization or department. Northern State University and its employees assume no responsibility for posted material, nor liability for damages or injury incurred by participating in events advertised. 16. A notice should not physically cover or block already posted materials. 17. Stickers, scotch tape, duct tape, double-sided tape, packing tape, and similar materials are prohibited for any type of posting as they damage or leave residue on surfaces. Tacks may be used on bulletin boards and other like surfaces. Groups or individuals who do not follow these policies may lose posting privileges. Any damages resulting from improper posting will result in repair costs. Any use of a fraudulent approval stamp will result in temporary loss of privileges and/or a fine. Unusual or special displays falling outside of the above guidelines will need special approval from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership and must be displayed in an appropriate, safe and non-disruptive manner. Poster Approval Posting Numbers • MJ-14 • Technology Center - 4 • Library-1 • Student Center-3 • Gerber-1 • Lincoln - 1