45 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 development activities. As part of their service to the state and their host communities, institutions may designate specific venues where third parties may schedule occasional activities that may have incidental commercial purposes. 1.5. Some institutional facilities and grounds may be restricted, and private parties may only venture there if specifically invited by a person with authority to invite them. Buildings or facilities that are ordinarily open during regular business hours shall be deemed to be restricted areas if they have been locked. 2. Private Parties Private Parties must request prior authorization to use a facility or a portion of the institutional grounds. Each institution shall develop and shall make public practices and rules to implement this policy. In particular, 2.1. Each Institution shall appoint a person or persons to receive and to administer private party requests for permission to use institutional facilities or grounds for meetings or events. Facilities Use by Private Parties 6:13 Page 2 of 7 2.2. Each institution shall designate those facilities, or portions thereof, or portions of the grounds that may be used by private parties for meetings or events, and shall specify whether, when and how private parties may use application in conjunction with their meetings or events. Each institution shall differentiate between meeting rooms and classrooms that are appropriate for meetings involving up to one hundred persons and lecture halls, auditoria, outdoor areas and other places that are appropriate for larger events and gatherings. If an institution elects to permit limited activities for commercial purposes, it shall identify which facilities are available for such purposes and shall indicate what kinds of commercial purposes may be pursued in the facilities. 2.3. Each institution shall designate those days, including finals week and the week preceding it, when facilities and grounds will not be available for private meetings or events. 2.4. Each institution shall establish and publicize local rules to implement this policy. These rules shall provide, at minimum, that 2.4.1. Private parties may request permission to use institutional facilities or grounds for meetings or events that will not interfere with the use of the facilities by the institution or institutionally affiliated organizations. 2.4.2. Private parties seeking permission to use institutional facilities or grounds shall complete and submit written applications on forms developed by the institution. 2.4.3. Private parties requesting permission to use facilities or grounds for events shall submit completed forms and all necessary attachments no less than three (3) working days prior to the date on which they wish to use the facilities or grounds 2.4.4. Private parties may not reserve facilities or grounds for regularly scheduled meetings, thereby precluding institutional uses of the facility. 2.4.5. Private parties who have been granted permission to use institutional facilities shall agree to abide by all institutional regulations and shall not publicize their meetings or events in ways that suggest co-sponsorship by the institution. 2.4.6. Private parties shall agree to restore facilities and grounds to the state of cleanliness and repair in which they found them or to pay for custodial or repair services at standard university rates and for extraordinary restoration or replacement expenses at cost.