46 NSU STUDENT HANDBOOK 2023-24 2.4.7. Private parties shall agree to avoid actions that disrupt pedestrian or vehicular traffic on campus grounds, interfere with the instructional, research, service or administrative activities of the institution or disrupt meetings or events sponsored by the institution or other private parties. 2.4.8. Private parties seeking permission to use facilities for commercial purposes or to sponsor events with planned attendance of five hundred people or more shall provide security and shall purchase event insurance in the amount of one million dollars, naming the State of South Dakota, the Board, the institution and their officers, agents and employees as named insureds. 2.4.9. Private parties may be charged fees at published rates to cover the costs institutions incur to provide private parties access to the selected facilities or grounds and to maintain and to repair such facilities; however, any such fee(s) must be based on definite and objective criteria that are not content-based. 2.4.10. Private parties may be allowed to purchase at published rates institutional services to prepare the facilities for private use, to monitor use of the facilities during meetings or events and to restore the facilities to the prior state. 2.4.11. Private parties wishing to serve, or to offer for sale, food or beverages shall make any necessary arrangements with the institutional food service provider, if applicable. 2.5. Each institution shall establish procedures to implement its local rules. These procedures shall provide, at minimum, that 2.5.1. Copies of the Board and institutional rules, information about institutional facilities and grounds available for use by private parties, schedules of fees and all forms needed to apply for permission shall be published, together with contact information to enable readers to obtain clarification of the meaning or application of rules or assistance in completing applications 2.5.2. The institution shall act upon applications no later than the third (3rd) working day after receipt of a completed application. 2.5.3. Except as provided in §2.5.5, below, the institution shall grant applications for meetings or events if, The applications, and all required attachments, have been completed; and The meetings or events will comply with the requirements and limitations contained in this policy and the institutional policy(ies) or rule(s) that implement it; 2.5.4. If the institution denies an application for a meeting or event, it shall provide the private party with a written explanation for the denial. 2.5.5. The institution may deny applications for meetings or events only if, The private party has failed to comply with the requirements of § 2.5.3, above, or the meeting or event or the requested schedule otherwise does not meet the standards stated in that section. If permission is denied due to a conflict with the academic calendar or with previously scheduled activities, the institution shall propose an alternative facility or place if available for the same time, or an alternative time, if available, for the same place. The private party has on prior occasions made material misrepresentations regarding the nature or scope of a meeting or event previously permitted or has violated the terms of prior use agreements.