NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY | BRAND GUIDE 11 IDENTITY | PRIMARY LOGO Primary Logo Mark (US Trademark #6672667) The primary logo mark shown here is the primary logo for the university. Alternate versions include: PMS 202 and PMS 121, PMS 202, PMS 121, 100 percent black and reversed to white on black. This logo mark must stand alone. It should not be used as a part of another mark and should not be combined with another logo, mark, graphic or other visual element unless approved by the department of communications and marketing. Logo sizing To ensure legibility the height of the logo should not be less than one inch in any application. Logo spacing An area of free space must be kept around the primary logo mark. No other type or graphic symbol can appear any closer than a distance equal to 1/2 the height of the lettermark in the primary logo mark. When to use State University? If Northern State University is spelled out on the same page of a document, State University is not required. The primary logo mark provides immediate brand recognition. The primary logo should be used on all print and electronic publications and websites. This mark should be placed on the front or back cover of all publications. For high-resolution files (.eps, .png and .jpg) of the primary logo mark, contact Communications and Marketing at Lettermark Height (X) (1/2X) (1/2X) PMS 202 and PMS 121 100 percent black Reversed to white on black PMS 202