NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY | BRAND GUIDE 48 RESOURCES | DESIGN ELEMENTS Vertical Bar Northern State University uses a vertical bar to distinguish two separate but equally important phrases or images in communications materials. The bar is a symbol of the upward momentum at NSU – as well as the growth Northern provides its students. Two colors of text Two colors are used in NSU’s website headlines and marketing materials to symbolize a before and after transformation students go through at Northern. Brackets NSU uses brackets as a graphic element in materials such as brochures, symbolizing the stability and support that surround students as part of the Northern community. Blocks of Color Blocks of color may be used on materials to differentiate between sections of text – and to represent the contrast of ideas, cultures and offerings that blend together and complement each other at NSU. Gradients A gradient is a visual representation of the change students go through on their college journey at NSU, evolving intellectually, culturally and socially. NSU Communications and Marketing considers functionality, consistency, aesthetics and best representation of the NSU brand when making design choices. For questions or more information, email ARTs nsu