NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY | BRAND GUIDE 49 RESOURCES | TAGLINE Unleash your potential | Join the pack Northern’s tagline derived from months of research and creative brainstorming. There were focus groups, surveys and a student vote. After analyzing our brand survey data, which confirmed a disconnect between students and our previous tagline, the Communications and Marketing team set out to update our institution’s tagline, with the goal of capturing the general themes of our university. Consistent themes that appeared throughout our research, which we used to create the tagline, include: • Caring, supportive environment with a strong community – a pack • Diamond in the rough, undervalued institution – potential • Momentous time for enrollments, scholarships and campus development – unleash Collectively, our tagline is a call to action intended for prospective college students. We want them to unleash their potential, and our pack is here to support them in doing so. Our campus, and those who encompass it, are ready to show the world our potential. By joining our pack, students will gain the backing and support from an entire region, all of whom are eager to see our true potential.